Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage or family therapists counsel couples who are unhappy with their relationships, parents and children that don't get along, and families adjusting to divorce, illness or death. When children or teens react to problems at home by showing behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, or aggression, family therapy can be effective. Family and marriage therapists also see people with problems like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and alcoholism.

Marriage and family therapists begin by conducting interviews with the client or clients. Then they make a formal assessment of the situation and recommend a form of therapy. Most marriage and family therapists practice short term therapy. The work with their clients to set specific goals and a time frame in which to accomplish them. Therapists usually counsel members of the family individually as well as together. The programs they offer usually consist of between 12 and 20 sessions.

Marriage and family therapists can work for social service agencies or community based programs. Therapists employed by agencies and community programs usually work in offices or counselling centers. They typically work a 40 hour week which may include evening and weekend work. Some travel to clients' homes for appointments. When agencies are understaffed, therapists have large caseloads. Marriage and therapists in private practice set their own hours. many take advantage of their flexibility and work less than 40 hours a week.

There are a few education routes to become a marriage or family therapist. In all cases, however, you need at least a bachelor's degree and some post-graduate study. Many bachelor's degrees provide good preparation for training in marriage and family therapy. After completing a bachelor's degree, you can apply to a master's program in marriage and family therapy. Master's degrees take 2 to 3 years to complete. In order to research or study family and marriage therapy at a college or university, you need a PhD. These usually take an additional 4 to 5 years to complete.

At an agency or community program, an entry level therapist can make between $30,000 and $35,000 a year. Salaries increase with experience and level of responsibility. Experienced therapists can earn between $40,000 and $75,000 a year. Therapists who become agency or program directors can make over $80,000 a year or more.

I think this job would be good for me because I am a people person. It would be a good way to help others and make a difference in their lives. I am also a good listener which would help me in a job like this. The salary is also pretty good for a job like this. The cons of this job would be the long hours. 40+ hours a week is alot, especially if you have a family and other commitments. I also think this job would be emotionally and mentally challenging. It would be hard to take in all of the situations you deal with. Some of them may get to you emotionally.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Event Planner

Event planners organize events for a living. They plan the event, coordinate it, market it, and do all the accounting work involved. They must do whatever it takes to make an event run smoothly and on budget. Event planners plan all kinds of events including conventions, trade shows, travel exhibits, and weddings. They have to make sure the location is good, and that the location can hold a certain number of people. They have to arrange food and entertainment and promots the event. They also need to make sure that everything runs smoothly during the actual event.

Event planners work in a variety of settings. In addition to working in their offices, they may spend time visiting suppliers (florists, caterers, etc.). They have to be at the location to make sure everything goes according to plan. Sometimes, they may be at events for a couple of days or weeks. The work isn't usually physically demanding, but it is a high pressure job that can be mentally tiring. Event planners work long hours including nights and weekends.

Salaries for event planners differ depending on the employer, experience, and whether they work full or part time. Most people in this proffesion earn between $25,000 and $70,000 a year. Average earnings are around $36,000 a year. Experienced and well-established planners may earn an upwards of $70,000 a year.

I think this job would be good for me because I can work well under pressure. I am very organized and good at planning things. I work well with people and am able to work up to other's standards. The cons for this job are long hours and weekend shifts. It would be mentally demanding and tiring. The salary is also pretty good for a job like this.

High School Teacher

High school teachers usually teach grade 9 and up. They usually specialize in one or two subjects. They typically teacher 3 to 6 classes in a day. Teachers not only help develop academic skills, but they also guide values and attitudes and help students develop life skills.

Working conditions include classrooms, computer labs, or science labs depending on what subjects you teach. Teachers usually spend many evenings and weekends preparing assignments and correcting assignments. On average, they work about 50 hours a week. Most teachers work a 9 or 10 month school year, and get 2 months off for summer holidays. However, many summers are spent getting prepared for the next year.

Teachers salaries depend on their location, their level of education, and the number of years they have been teaching. The average salary for high school teachers in Canada is approximately $57,000 a year.

There are three education paths you can take to become a teacher. The first is to complete a bachelor's degree (3 to 4 years of studying). After completing a bachelor's degree, teachers can then attend a teaching college. (1 to 2 years of studying). This gives them experience in classrooms. Another way is by attending a school where a combination of academic study and professional teacher training is offered. The last way is that of a technical or vocational teacher. These teachers need to have several years of experience.

To me, the pros and cons of this job are even. The pros would be helping kids learn, and being able to be a role model for students. Another pro would be getting a 2 month summer holiday. I think this would be a rewarding job. The cons include late hours of correcting and planning, dealing with frustrating students, and putting most of your free time into school work.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pet Peeves

There is a neverending list of things I could rant about. To begin, one thing that bothers me is when people are hypocritical. They say one thing and do the opposite. I don't understand why people act that way. If you are going to be a person of good character, do what you say. People in society these days are very two faced. It is very often that people will say something behind someones back, and act like a best friend to their face. That drives me crazy. Why do people have to act so fake? Why can't they just show their true feelings instead of being a jerk behind someone's back?

Another thing that annoys me is when people take things for granted. We have so much in Canada, but people don't realize it. They always want more. People have become greedy and under appreciative. There are people in the world that hardly have enough food to survive, yet people here are sitting on the couch complaining about how little they have. Why can't people realize that we have way more things than we need?

What also bothers me is when people follow the crowd. I know so many people that act like they don't have a mind of their own. The fact that people are willing to give up what they want to do in order to be cool really bugs me. I, for one, would not be willing to do something stupid in order to fit in. I don't understand why people think they will be accepted if they don't use their own thoughts. It seems like people are becoming clones of eachother.

The last thing that really angers me is people with a lack of courtesy. Why is it necessary that you butt infront of a 5 year old and her grandmother to be first in line? Every other person has to wait there turn, why can't you? I think having a lack of courtesy is one of the most classless things a person can do. Is it really that hard to think of others first?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oak Island Treasure: Who Buried It?

Oak Island is an island off the south shore of Nova Scotia. Oak Island is the location of the money pit. This is a mystery that has been around since 1795, when Daniel McGinnis, at age 16, made his way to the island, found the pit, and began digging. The money pit is a site of many excavations to recover treasure believed to be buried there. There have been many attempts to get to the treasure, and many people have lost their lives because of their attempts.

After reading all of the possible explanations of how the treasure on Oak Island was buried, I think that the village of Rennes le Chateau had something to do with it.

Renne le Chateau is a quiet village hiding many secrets. There is history that tells of treasure and great riches from Greece, Rome and Jerusalem that have dissappered from all records. This treasure was on a scale of tonnes. It is something that couldn't be easily hidden. Various findings of gold bars from this Holy Land possibly link to the mystery of the money pit. The history of this village involves Rome stealing gold from Jerusalem and taking it back to Rome with them. Three hundred years later, Alaric, was proclaimed King of the Visigoths. He then went and captured the gold from Rome. The treasure had once again changed hands. It is said that the amount of treasure that the Visigoths had acquired was immense. They then captured regions from France, where Renne le Chateau is located.

In the late 19th century, more links to the treasure appeared. Bérenger Saunière was ordained as a priest and arrived to Renne le Chateau in France to take office. As a kid, he enjoyed playing in the woods of the village with his friends, having adventures finding "treasure". When he became priest, some people thought his knowledge of treasure was enough to make him follow his childhood imaginations in hopes of gaining access to the church and treasure. He eventually fell victim to stroke, and his estate was passed on to Marie Denarnaud, his housekeeper and lover. She constantly told people that "they were walking on gold". She too, unfortunately, fell victim to stroke. She took her secrets to the grave.

After a few years, people began finding gold laying around the village. These are thought to have come from the Visigoths, when they transported the treasure between areas. The random gold blocks laying around possibly was from moving tonnes of gold, and dropping some of it.

The Knights of Templar may also have something to do with the mystery. Their presence in this area is definate. It is said that some of the treasure had made it to this village with them. They would have been eager to protect a treasure of religious importance.

It is a mystery to all about how the treasure got to Oak Island, who put it there, and whether or not this is all a big hoax. Maybe someday, these answers will finally be found.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

UFO's: Visitors from another world or natural events?

I don’t really have an opinion on UFO’s. I think it can go either way. It is quite possible that there is life on other planets. There’s no way we would be able to know. There are many planets in our solar system that could support life. If people from earth can visit other planets, why cant beings from other planets come to earth? It is also very easy to not believe in UFO’s. Why would creatures from other planets come to the earth and not try to communicate with humans? There has not been any evidence of UFO’s either. It is also very easy to mistake spaceships for a natural event. Stars have been mistaken for UFO’s. Flocks of birds have also been mistaken for them. Many people claim to have seen UFO’s but they have no evidence. Some people could easily claim to have seen one and make false pictures. Some people think they have seen a UFO, when really they haven’t. It is an event that is quite hard to understand and explain. It is impossible to prove this theory when there is no evidence.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crop Circle Narrative

Its 2029, and chimpanzees have taken over the earth. My name is Chester the chimp. I’m here to tell you about the most unexplainable thing that I have ever seen outside the city of Edmonton. I saw a crop formation. There isn’t even an explanation as to how this crop formation got there. It must have been formed very quickly and secretively. I was in this same field the night before, and didn’t notice anything out of the usual. Maybe my chimp eyes are failing me.
Last night around nine o’clock p.m. the stars and moon were shining brightly and illuminating everything in sight. My brother had stolen my banana earlier, and was running around the brightly lit field with it. I, being my easily amused self, began chasing after him. I wasn’t going to let him win this one. Breathlessly, the chase continued on for a few minutes. I ran as fast as I could, for I was almost caught up, and then I tripped. I thought I had tripped over a big massive rock, but then I noticed what looked to be some unknown carving in the field. In the green grassy field sat a bunch of lines and circles intricately set in a complicated pattern.

My brother noticed me staring at something, and stopped dead in his tracks. He came closer to investigate the unknown. I was completely confused as to what I was staring at. It didn’t seem to make any sense at all to me. Nobody said I was a smart chimp. The pattern was the strangest looking thing I have ever seen. It seemed to be made up of lines and about five circles. Each circle looked to be fifty feet in diameter. The lines looked to be 15 feet wide. The formation looked endless. I stood there, jaw dropped. These circles looked to form a perfect diamond. One in the middle and four surrounding. Two of the four overlapped the middle circle. Perfectly straight lines connected the five circles. The five circles were all faultlessly the same size. The two outside circles are filled in with a smaller circle in each. It is almost inexplicable.

I wonder how it got put there. The formation was much too big to be manmade, and there was no way the wind could form something so complex. A huge machine could not have ever made something so perfect; so unique. I bet there is nothing like it anywhere else. I had heard of crop formations before, but never thought I would get to see one with my bare eye. My brother decided that a scientist chimp had made the pattern. I definitely don’t believe that. Maybe some unknown living being from another planet made it.

The next day, I had told my sociology class about this crop formation. None of them believed me. I described it in great detail (like I am in this assignment) and still no one believed me. They told me they wanted proof. I told them to get their brother to steal their banana, and run into the field, and they will see the crop formation that I saw. By the end of this story, a lot of my classmates had thought I had gone bananas.